The Natural Solution  
With an AquaPower-Plus Saltwater Chlorinator you can Improve the Quality and Safety
   of your Pool or Spa Water, Enjoy more Free Time, and NEVER spend your money on toxic pool chemical  chlorine products again!
An AquaPower-Plus Salt System produces a natural, highly effective sanitizer by way of an electrolytic action,  
all from a mild salt water solution
circulating in your pool.
 Time Is Harsh on the Human Body,Your Pool Water Shouldn't Contribute!
Luxurious Water that is Kind to Eyes, Skin, Hair & Your Body!
The reason people comment on the beautiful silky feeling of the water after swimming in a salt pool and in-fact question whether the pool contains chlorine, is directly related to the salinity of the water and that of the human body. The salinity of the human body is around 6000 ppm,  if the body is placed in fresh water, osmosis occurs through our skin and eye membranes which is irritating and a cause of discomfort. The effect of this is much reduced in a salt pool because the osmotic effect  through our biological  membranes is reduced. The variable output of AquaPower-Plus Unit allows you to adjust the correct chlorine production to suit your pool size and demand requirements.


    Why Choose SALT ?   


AquaPower-Plus Salt Chlorination is fully automatic, it's a far safer alternative to manual addition or storage dosing of chemicals and results in the pool water being more compatible with the human body.
Since chlorine is the world's most trusted sanitizer, it is not surprising that a method which produces chlorine on site, safely and very economically has become the number one choice for treatment of swimming pools in Australia and is fast growing as the number one chlorination method in the United States and the world.            Salt-water pools are often confused with Sea-saltwater pools. It should be noted that seawater is approximately 14 times the salinity level that the AquaPower System operates on. Our diagnostic display clearly indicates the systems condition to keep you informed.


How it works


Add salt to your pool water, connect a AquaPower-Plus chlorinator to your filtration system and you now have the most advanced pool chlorinating plant in the World.  Saves You Time, Effort and MONEY! And Benefits the Quality of Your Life.
Salt is first dissolved into the pool water to produce a Luxuriously mild salt solution. As the water passes through the cell an electrolytic process occurs which liberates chlorine and a small quantity of Ozone, both gases oxidize harmful bacteria and algae in the water. As these contaminates are eliminated, the salt is re-formed in solution, thus no salt is lost through this process.
Topping up of salt is required about twice per year but only if the water is lost through backwash and or splashed out. Salt is not lost through evaporation.


Carefree Operation


We did the Research so you can R&R (Rest and Relax)
Easy CPU programming for start and stop times. With the pool filter pump linked to the power supply, both pump and salt chlorinating systems will be automatically turned on and off every day.
A variable output allows you to adjust the correct chlorine production to suite your pool size and demand.
Unit size is determined by a number of factors, so to get the right unit for your application please contact us, we will help you determine the right unit for your needs.       sales@aquapowerplus.com


Smart Facts


If you have a Swimming Pool or Spa, and you haven't heard about Salt-water Chlorination, you aren't alone. Less than 3 percent of the pools in the United States use this technology. The technology became available about 1850, so it's not new.  It was introduced to the swimming pool market in the early 1970's in Australia and has been gaining popularity ever since. Promoting this technology has never been a top priority for our Large US Chemical Companies; however many of them now are either selling this technology or looking into it as a complementary addition to their existing lines


Have You Asked yourself WHY  Yet !


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