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Algae Treatment / Green Cleaning

If your pool's been neglected for awhile, or if your previous pool company allowed algae growth via chemical imbalance, not brushing surfaces or leaving debris in the water, give us a call - we can do a rehab and deep clean and have your pool healthy and refreshed quickly.

Repairs / Installations / Filter Cleaning

We perform installations & repairs for every facet of your pool system:

  • Motors

  • Pumps

  • Filters

  • Heaters

  • Plumbing

  • Automations

We perform filter washes a minimum of twice a year on every pool we service to optimize efficiency and performance.

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Weekly Pool Service / Weekly Pool Maintenance

We never cut corners on weekly maintenance; keeping your pool clean and chemically balanced is vital not only for you and your family's health, but also for the longevity of your pool equipment and pool interior surface finish.  We always complete the following in our weekly service:

  • Skimming to clean all debris

  • Brushing surfaces

  • Checking water level & clarity

  • Balancing chemicals

  • Emptying all skimmer baskets

  • Turning on & checking all equipment

  • Checking pump pressure & vacuum movement

  • Backwashing as required

We also like to go the extra mile on certain items that ensure your system is running optimally:

  • Lubricating check, butterfly, & backwash valves to keep them moving properly

  • Checking seals & gaskets for small water leaks

After every service session, we send you a service summary email complete with a photo of your pool after servicing so you always stay in the loop.

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Acid Washing / Tile Cleaning

Over time, the interior finish of your pool can become stained with dirt, algae, calcium, rust, or other contaminants, and your tile can become crusted with calcium buildup, leaving a visible white line.  An acid wash and/or tile cleaning can give your pool a fresh, new appearance, and in addition, draining and refilling your pool with fresh water & chemicals is great for you and your family's health.

Before doing an acid wash, we always carefully check the surface condition of your pool finish to ensure that it is stable enough to handle an acid wash without causing lasting damage to the surface material.

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